Monday, 1 August 2016

Network Building Tips for Real Estate Agents

One of the most important aspects of being a real estate agent is chasing down referrals to strike the deals that matter. Whilst in the old days your local realtor spent big on advertising and dropping their business card to anyone who would take it, the call-back success was often low, or non-existent.

Word of mouth through networking has proven to be the number one leads-to-deals breakthrough for modern realtors, boosted by these few simple steps.

Getting your name out there as a friendly face is often all it takes to start up a conversation that may lead to new referrals. Take part in as many networking events for the industry in your local area, as well as state wide to give you access to a huge number of potential referrals.

While you are starting new as a real estate agent , wear a name badge, smile and introduce yourself and your agency to stay first in mind when someone spots a great property in your area.

Find Networking Events in Your Area

There is a huge number of networking events for real estate agents across the country, so check online for local and national conventions, as well as community events that you can also play a part in.

Online networking platforms for realtors are a great way to stay in touch with colleagues, but also pose an excellent place to build your network of professionals from all sectors of the property industry.

When talking to clients, fellow agents and agencies don’t just talk to people about the business, really connect with them to ensure that they don’t just see you as the face of your company. Whilst you should always remain professional during your networking pursuits, talk about your family and how it was for you finding your own house and the lessons you have learned over the years in the industry.

Utilise Online Networking Platforms to Engage

Locate other networking locations and websites that put you in touch with builders, lawyers, councillors, surveyors and other important industry bodies to spread your network of contacts as wide as possible.

Whilst other realtors may give you direct referrals to clients, you will be creating your own when many of these industry professionals will have someone ask them for a reliable real estate agent – and your name will be top of the pile!

Whilst networking, you want to have a good time, but also pick up information on how people feel about the current market for both buyers and sellers. Ask all of the pertinent questions, but don’t just be the student – engage with colleagues and offer your points of view on the business, and allow those networking to find out what referrals you are looking for and how you can help their situations.

Be positive about success

Make impressions and take names – that’s one way to ensure that you are not just stuck waiting for the telephone to ring, but that you can follow up possible leads at a later date, away from the hotel lobbies and conference rooms of the networking scene.

Make a point to visit people in person to show them you are a serious professional, and you will be seeing your referrals rise as your networking base expands.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Real Estate Agent Courses - Online vs Live Classes

Technology and internet have changed many things about the way we live, including study and education. Today the number of people studying online here in Australia is well into the millions, and there’s no doubt that this form of study can be well worthwhile, particularly when a student has other commitments. Like if they are taking part time real estate agent course and doing a regular day time job, then it can be a little difficult for them to maintain consistency. This however depends on what you are studying and your particular learning style. We can always debate on which method is better between the quintessential and the more modernized learning approach. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of each approach and find out why learning in a classroom is usually preferable.


If you’re a person that finds it easy to motivate yourself and stick to a study schedule, then you might be suited for online study. But it’s not easy to get motivated easily, looking at some random person talking to you from inside the screen. As for the majority of people, being a part of a group that is moving forward every week and going through exercises together, having a real flesh and blood human being to guide can be very beneficial. It can provide the motivation the person needs to be successful with their study. Real estate business depends a lot on personal interactions, if the person who’s mentoring the course has an attractive, pleasant personality nothing can be more motivating for the students than that. 


There is no question that people with a jam-packed schedule may be better off going down the path of online classes. However, there are classroom-based study options offered by real estate course providers that are fast-tracked, meaning if you have just a few days free, you can get yourself qualified. They actually provide courses at various hours of the day of a week giving you the opportunity to select the best suitable time and day for you. There are also night courses. It really comes down to personal preference and your schedule.


Not only it can be difficult to motivate yourself when it comes to online study, but absorbing the information effectively is a genuine challenge to. This is particularly the case with real estate agent courses, which, we admit, can be tedious at the best of times. Having a professional that can explain the concepts to you goes a long way in helping you understand. You don’t learn only from the books and theories, the personality of the mentor, his body language, the aura they have when they are talking about handling a potential customer, all these are such interesting things to study. These are the things that help you to concentrate more than theoretical aspects. Class discussion with others also has a positive effect.

Learning Style

Are you a person that benefits from one-on-one interaction with people, or are you able teach yourself a lot of information in a very short span of time? While you can communicate with teaching staff and possibly other students online, it’s usually done via email, audio and in some cases video. For some nothing compares to sitting down and having a conversation in real time with someone that knows the material.

Often, people may not even know the best conditions for them to learn. In these cases it may be a good idea to go for a balanced approach, where some of the time is spent learning online and some is spent in the classroom.

When making the decision about whether to go for an online or classroom based real estate agent course, do your research and make sure you select one that has a great reputation of producing new agents that find work and succeed. There are lots of options out there for both online and class room based real estate agent courses. But the decision of which study method you need comes down to your personal situation, which you know better than anyone else! So think about how you learn best, your other priorities and you can make an informed decision.