Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Does Blogging help Real Estate Agents?

Blogging has become popular with a huge number of individuals and small businesses to help promote their interests or services that they provide. Creating a blog can have a number of different benefits for any size real estate agencies and can help let your customers know who you are and the services that you offer. Real estate agent blogs have become an innovative accompaniment to any website for the following reasons.

bloging for real estate agents

Blogging is a way for you and your customers or fellow estate agents to stay up to date with what you are doing in terms of services, special offers or new additions to your repertoire. Blogging for real estate agents can be the simple addition of news from the local area in terms of housing and the renting and purchasing of properties.

Keeping potential customers informed

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This information can come in the form of new regulations in the local area that attain to planning permission, fees associated with re-selling properties, building works and other residential property news and information. Not only can you be informing your audience of readers about these important aspects of property law and planning permission, you can gain new audiences from similar industries.

As well as keeping your real estate agents blog up to date with the latest news and information in your local area pertaining to property, you can also display all of the properties you are managing, selling or renting on the site itself.

Going into more detail about a property is a great way to introduce buyers to different types of properties, and help sell the properties based on the features that they have. For instance, creating an article on your blog that covers the importance of having a property close to a good school zone and lists the benefits for your house price and the improvements to you and your children’s lifestyle is a great way to boost a potential sale.

Keep up with the latest trends in the industry

treands in the real estate industry

Listing articles that speak to a particular audience is a great tool to help your customers decide on whether to purchase a particular property or not. For instance renovation on properties is a major industry that has been boosted by home DIY television shows and the possibilities of creating larger spaces that are modern and functional.

Unveiling some of the great renovation projects carried out by local construction firms on your blog is a great way to build partnerships and help sell properties that could do with some renovation work themselves. In all, a blog is a great way to help sell properties that need a little attention and help advertise the diversity of the properties you have on your books to help you stand out from the crowd.

Finding subjects that are relevant to your estate agency will be a case of looking for local information regarding the sort of industry you cater to, as well as looking for regulations and planning information in your local area.

A winning strategy

winning strategy

You can set up Google alerts to alert you via local news to planning permission and property development in your area for a quick information finding tool for your blog. Your strategy for creating a blog should be seen as an advertising tool, a marketing platform, as well as a helpful information platform for your customers and potential customers.

You can go more in depth about what your company is all about, your agents and the sales that they make. Following up on home-owners and providing greater transparency will help boost your customer base, making your blog an important platform for your real estate agency in the future.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

How Real Estate CPD Courses Are Helpful for Agents

When buying and selling property, real estate agents are the helping hands for both the purchaser and the seller. While some may think this role is simple, in truth real estate agents have to manage a great deal of different elements when facilitating the sale of a property and they require the full involvement of their time, money and effort. But before that they have to pass the rigorous real estate licensing exams which demands skill and determination.

Finding the perfect home for the buyers from genuine sellers and selling it at an accurate price is what a client expects from the agent and due to the size and importance of these purchases, agents must spend a considerable amount of time on making sure that each step of the process is correct and all the right procedures have been followed. Fortunately there are many online resources available to perform this tasks and we have mentioned a few of them in our previous post here.

However, for both buyers and sellers, the purchase of a property involves a huge amount of thinking and preparing as many of these transactions are once in a life-time decisions. Tension can often be high as people make decisions regarding their equity and life savings, and if a client isn’t satisfied by the agent’s service it can hugely effect the agent’s reputation and the real estate business.

Because real estate agents work independently they have a certain responsibility to the buyers and sellers who depend on them. Therefore the confidence level of the real estate agents must be very high and they must always work with positive attitude, dedicate time and effort to give the very best service.

If you are thinking of entering the real estate business and eventually becoming a successful agent with a strong career in real estate, it is important to properly educate yourself and develop a strong work ethic. Taking some basic real estate courses should set you on your way to passing your licensing exams and stepping into the field to sell homes practically.

The Compulsory Professional Development (CPD) real estate courses are designed to meet the market requirements and demands. Having the license and passing the exams prove that an agent has mastered the knowledge that is necessary to begin in the real estate business. These training courses ensure you will be able to pass a real estate exam.

In order to become a licensed agent, these courses are mandatory as well as providing beneficial career guidance and membership benefits. Real estate CPD courses vary in design depending on which state you reside in and where you wish to practice.

REET has designed its new CPD courses to match with The Office of Fair Trading guidelines and gives you the opportunity to view an “in house” presentation at your office. If you are looking for a service within Sydney’s Greater West, the Hills, the Northern Districts, the Northern Beaches or Central Coast, then REET can help you. 

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

5 Super Useful Website for Real-estate Professionals

Property markets play a crucial role in real estate valuation methodologies. Estimating the value of a certain property is very important as it’s never easy to convince people to buy a property without providing as much information as possible. As real estate developers try their best to sell a property, similarly buyers are very conscious regarding buying property and are sure to perform a lot of research before committing to purchase.

Within this intense process agents are playing the role of the middle man to bring the buyers and sellers closer together, and for this they must have to present facts with updated information about the properties. The agents also need to give assurance about the return of investment (ROI) for the buyers. Overall real estate agents are the real helping hands and are valuable guides in real estate.

No matter what our role is in the real estate industry, we are extremely lucky to have some very useful online tools which can help us get the information we need. At REET we are constantly researching so we can supply our clients with some of the useful websites to help them avoid future dilemmas regarding any real estate management. Here are some of the sites we have found that help to generate ideas and knowledge, we encourage you to have a look.




It’s really important to have an idea of your real estate price before buying. But how do you get to know your local estate market? For this you need not go anywhere, you can simply visit online property information pages. APM PriceFinder is one of the best resources as it is the leading national supplier of price information for banks, real estate agents and customers. In addition, it offers Customised Research Services to a range of clients. With the help of this website people can make better-informed decisions about their residential property and property market.




After determining or searching for a property or land price, customers also need to measure and study any other property-related risks. Analysing the property data and all the other property information will help them be confident in their decisions and all of the necessary and complex data should be simple and well formatted. CoreLogic offers a simple, easy to use format which is easily understandable by buyers, sellers, investors, finance and real estate professionals, corporate and government bodies alike.

On the House

On The House provides many real estate related services in one spot on the web. They provide a combination of historical property data, sales history and comparative property analysis. Which gives their customers the ability to monitor the performance of their own properties over time. There is also an option for participation in their regular property value discussions. 

Land and Property Information



This one is another useful website about land and property information. It is the division of the “Office of Finance and Services” and enables the community, business and government to gain maximum benefit from the land and property to generate economic growth and prosperity. It is the best place to look for land title registration, property information, valuation, surveying and mapping information.


Residex is Australia’s leading provider of accurate housing information. Visitors have access to reports on state market, best rent, renovators, postcode as well as Residex Right Price Report and many other features. The information regarding mortgage brokers, lenders and real estate agents is easily accessible and provides customers several options to choose from.

As you can see there are vast, unlimited resources available for you to extend your knowledge in the world of real estate. Besides the provided websites there are also many other webpages and courses waiting for you. You are just a click away!

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Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Effectiveness of Online Real Estate University Courses

In recent years, the growth of the real estate sector in Australia has been boosted by a strong housing market, along with a stronger dollar. This has meant that it now really pays to be in the real estate business, and with the government giving out financial aid and support to those wishing to become estate agents, the shortage in the industry has meant average earnings in this sector have soared.

But apart from the necessary qualifications and training that it takes to become a licensed real estate agent or one of the associated positions in the industry, how effective are the online real estate university courses available to those wishing to take up a position in real estate? We have already discussed about free online courses for real estate agents in one of our previous post. Today we will try to focus the effectiveness online real estate university courses in detail.

On the Path to Success

Many professionals in the industry will advise that online courses set you on the right path to getting all of the information necessary to becoming an estate agent, as well as offering a great stepping stone to starting positions related to real estate. Many courses offered relate to sales and marketing and allow for students to get a picture of the type of strategies involved.

These sales and marketing strategies dealt with in these online courses set those wishing to become a fully-fledged real estate agent up to help deal with some of the later tests and accreditation involved with passing your final accreditation. This information alone is a powerful tool in helping boost confidence, as well as technical knowledge of the industry and what to expect.

Necessary Qualification Requirements

Many of the online courses are helpful in getting students the qualification requirements to pass the advanced tests, and are necessary to aid in the advancement of knowledge of the industry. These courses can of course be taken at a regular university, so for those stuck at work and have no spare time to take a trip to their local university, an online course is preferable to a physical location.

Many people are changing vocations due to the increasing salary and work ethics of the real estate agency. Unlike many other professions, real estate gives you huge potential to advance your career up from a junior in a large agency, to creating and building your very own estate agency in a relatively short amount of time. In this aspect, real estate has become part of the “Australian Dream”, with a truly viable chance of owning your own business.

Market yourself and your Business Like a Pro

Marketing courses cover a wide range of topics associated with real estate, but offer the general principal around how to market your businesses, how to market yourself as a salesperson, as well as offering help on how to deal with promotions, offers and special deals and negotiations.

Whilst the majority of these courses may sound like a false hope, the qualifications that you will obtain after passing the examinations are real, quantifiable and help towards your full education as a real estate agent.

The people who pass the full accreditation tests with flying colours after starting with an online course say that the online university real estate courses have helped them absorb more information and get to grips with the industry faster and more in depth than would have previously been possible without the course.

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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Relationship between Certificate Levels and Certificate of Registration Courses

Certificate courses are becoming valuable to big companies now a days. The reason is simple: certificate courses allow a student to learn about a specific subject quickly which meets the need of the employers. 

Now the question is: What does certificate levels actually mean? Moreover what is the difference between conventional certificate courses and the certificate of registration courses provided by reet? We will try to investigate this differences in this post.

Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) are the authority who administers the education system on behalf of Australian government. According to AQF the overall education system is divided into ten level from which Level 1 to 4 is defined as certificate. Let’s have a look at each level to get better understanding about what “certificate levels” means in Australia.

Level 1:

After graduating from level one, students should have fundamental knowledge of everyday life. They can involve in the community and will be ready for the next level. Time duration is 1 to 6 months in level one.

Level 2:

After achieving level two certificate, students can will have specific knowledge about a subject and can perform routine tasks. Maximum time to complete level two is 6 months.

Level 3:

Students who complete level three are expected to have cognitive, technical and communication skills in a particular subject. Graduates will be able to handle complex situation. Course duration is 4 months to 1 year.

Level 4:

Graduates from this level can work in a complex and structured environment. They can identify and report problems independently.

There are 43 Universities and 64 technical Institute called TAFE in all over Australia who provide a wide range of certificate courses. Now that we have a general understanding about certificate courses provided by typical Australian institutes, let’s discuss about certificate course of registration that is provided at reet.

Reet is a well-known education provider for compulsory professional development (CPD) program across Sydney NSW. CPD courses are designed to increase the knowledge, skills and professionalism of people who are already working in the real estate industry. The aim of the courses provided by reet is to increase consumer protection and promote consumer confidence in the real estate industry. Reet is a registered education provider approved by ASQA.

Certificate of Registration course is a 3 day short course which covers 4 compulsory subject defined by the office of fair trading. This course is mandatory for people who wish to work in real estate agencies. After successfully attending the course a student is issued a statement of attainment. When an applicant submit this statement of attainment with other required document to OFT, they issue a certificate of registration as a recognition of real estate sales person.

Certification of registration course is equivalent with certificate level four defined by AQF.Hopefully, at this point the relationship between certificate level courses and certificate of registration course is clear to the future real estate agents.

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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Value of Certificate of Registration Course in Real Estate Industry

If you are planning a career in real estate, it may be easier than you think to switch careers and start the ladder to success in the property market. You needn't have the longest CV, a list of degrees and experience in the job, but a certificate of registration course is paramount in you landing your dream career.
Each estate agent needs to have a certificate of registration in order to become a real estate agent, or property manager. There are certain educational requirements needed in order to work in this field, and the certificate of registration ensures you meet and have been trained at this level.

A Thriving Industry Awaits your Honed Talent

There are many courses that allow you to study and learn all of the skills necessary in order to then apply and complete your certificate of registration test, which will allow you to step into the career path of real estate and property management.

The courses that are designed to prepare you for the qualification offer a wealth of information on multiple different levels. The courses are split into 4 units that cover:

  • Communication with clients as part of general agency operations
  • Identification of ethical and legal requirements of property managers to the completion of agency work
  • Identification of the legal and ethical requirements of property sales to the completion of agency work
  • General working practises of the Real Estate industry

The courses are often self-paced, with a maximum time frame for the completion of each unit and assessment. These individual assessments are completed as part of a multiple-choice questionnaire, pertaining to workspace scenarios and the completion of the documentation required by an agent.

What type of People Switch to Real Estate?

The main audiences for both the qualification and the courses come from a wide field of industries, but mainly from those related to real estate, administration and finance. With the sector currently booming, many people have made successful career changes into the real estate industry, whilst others have made the change from real estate administrators or clerks who wish to up-skill and advance within the industry.

Taking the course doesn’t require a prerequisite of qualifications, meaning you can enlist for the course and eventually pass the course with no other formal qualifications at all. The course itself will teach you everything you need to know to be qualified to apply for the certificate of registration. The educational requirements are part of the course work.

The Importance of the Certificate of Registration

If you wish to world in the field of real estate, having or not having the certification of registration will make or break the situation. You must have a certificate of registration before you become a real estate agent or property manager. Along with trustworthiness and good client communication, it is a vital part of the career change you wish to make.

Part of the education contained within the courses deals with the day to day running of your affairs as a real estate agent. A large part of this process is client communication, and doing your homework when it comes to dealing with developers in construction, as well as financial institutions, residential and commercial clients will play a big role in your success in this thriving real estate industry.

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Friday, 16 January 2015

Free Online Education for Real Estate Agents

All of us are familiar with the term “open online courses “ or MOOC today. Famous universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University or Harvard University are offering thousands of free online courses allowing people to get informed on different fields of study.


The first question that arises is why are these online courses being provided? Among the many answers which come up, there are two very important ones. Firstly, on-campus courses are very expensive for students and wipe out the consideration of the needs of those who can’t afford them. Secondly, online courses play a great role in enhancing the reputation of the institution.


However, free online courses can be greatly beneficial if we think from a student’s perspective. Although online education for real-estate courses are hard to find on the web, we have done some research to find a few high quality websites where real estate related courses are available. Some of them cost a few dollars and the rest are completely free. We hope that this will help those students who are facing economic hardship but at the same time want to build their career as a real estate agent.


Udemy is a very high quality website with many real estate related courses. If you type real estate in the search box, it returns all the relevant results. On the top left corner you will find that the courses are classified by course cost, language etc. In addition to that, you can even build custom courses from a particular lesson. This courses are prepared by top professors and depending on the content you prefer to learn, there are free and paid courses available.



MIT offers virtually all of their course content through OpenCourseWare project which is basically a web application. OCW is managed regularly by MIT and available for all. OCW is offering a half-semester course about real estate and finance investment including latest topics in this field. A couple of guest speakers from real estate investment industry delivers lectures in this course and most importantly, free pdf lectures and notes written by actual students are provided.

Online learning is becoming popular with time and the advancements in technology is used to deliver knowledge in this filed. As the traditional system is becoming old, people who are involved in this process are identifying the shortcomings which end up affecting students.

You might have noticed that although there are a growing number of fantastic resources available around the web for online education but not much real estate agents courses are available. If you find a new site where these type of courses are available then don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section because it’s likely that we’ve missed a few. Thanks for reading and good luck with your real estate agent career!